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2014 Construction  01/14/15 10:19:35 AM

River Gulf Grain is please to announce that we have completed a project to add another truck dump and a 150,000 thousand bushel bin.  Also included will be another probe for sample collection.    
The new truck dump is just to the east of the curent truck dump and the new bin is just to the north from our current bins.    
Please watch here for updates and photos of the project.
6-16 Update
Construction has just about finished up.  Crews are putting the finishing touches on things and will be gone soon.  Below is a picture of our new bin with 150,000 bushel capacity along with an overhead view of the new pit as well.  


5-15 Update
Well the time has come.  This week we started to recieve grain in our new pit.  The bin is ready to recieve grain but the crew is still working on conveyers to unload it.  

5-7 Update
Work to put the side walls on the building around the new pit has been progressing this week.  Hopefully by the end of today we will have the roof on.  


5-1 Update
Not a lot of pictures I can add as most of the work that has been taking place is either underground on receiving conveyers or high up in the air on the conveyers moving grain to the bins.  When this project is complete we will have two conveyers that can move corn to either one of the north tanks at the rate of 20,000 bushels per hour or 30,000 bushel per hour.  If needed both conveyers can run to the same bin also.  Today the crew is working on hooking the new bin to the conveyers. 
This week the new probe was finished and is ready to go.  
4-24 Update
The walls of the building are going up!

4-21 Update
Concrete work on the deck for the new pit is quickly coming to an end.  Some back fill on the sides and they will be done.  Construction of the building over this area should be started this week.    

4-17 Update
The bin is complete, now to get the loading and unloading conveyers hooked up.  

4-16 Update
The deck has been poured, the appoach in next on the list.

Dan continues to work on the new probe, today he is putting the final support pieces in place. 

The bin continues to go up at a pretty good pace.  Inside the bin are 11 jacks that do the heavy lifting.
It takes about 30 minutes to put a ring on, of that 4-5 minutes is the actual lifting of the bin to get room for the next ring. 
Each ring has 40 sheets of steel, 22 rings total for the bin.  Each ring has about 2,600 bolts making the total bolt number just under 60,000 in the side walls.   There are about 5,000 more bolts in the roof.  

This is the computer that runs all of the jacks.  This system controls the speed at which all jacks raise.  As they are raising they will stay within 1/4 inch of each other to ensure that the bin goes straight up.  

As of Tuesday afternoon this is the bin, it has about 14 of the 22 rings in place.

Looks like the bin will really start to move now,  roof finished yesterday and will start adding rings today.  

The final rebar was finished for the deck around the new pit, this should be poured today. 

4-14 Update
Friday afternoon the bin was starting to take shape with the first ring up and the crew laying pieces out.  

The bin crew worked over the weekend some and now Monday morning the bin looks like this.  Moving fast now.  

4-11 Update
The new probe was set in place yesterday along with the support pole for the lines running to the office.  

The bin crew has started to set up, how long will it take to put up a 150,000 bu bin?  Check back often to see.  

Work is also finishing up on forming the floor of the new pit as well.  

4-10 Update
Work continues on forming up the dump pit floor.  

How many bolts, washers and nuts does it take to build a bin?  A LOT, two pallets in fact.

4-9 Updates. 
The bin cement work has been completed and we are now on to putting the bin together.  Overhead the conveyer work is being finished and bin construction should start soon.  

Work has started on forming the new pit area to pour the floor there.  Lots of measuring and cutting.

We are also installing another probe as well.  Cement pads for the probe and other equipment have also been poured. 

4-7 Bin Update
On Saturday April 5th the last 80 yards of concrete were poured on the bin foundation.  In total there is 270 yards of concrete in the bin foundation.  As you can see there is a lot of rebar and support built into the foundation, in fact there is over 36,000 pounds of rebar.  


4-3 Update for recieving pit
The duct work for the dust colleciton system has been attached to the pit and piping is working it's way to the dust collector.  
The drive head is being connected to the drag conveyer coming out of the pit.  Just about done with conveyers!    

4-2 Update for grain bin
There has been lots of work going on since the last update.  The walls for the bin foundation have been poured.

Before starting to pour the top, the insides had to be filled.  It took 1700 tons of limestone to fill the inside of the bin walls.  That is more than one barge of limestone.  Lime was put into the middle using a belt conveyer spreading and packing as they went.  
Final touches before starting to put forms and rebar down. 

The floor will take a couple pours to before it is completly done, first pour will be a strip down each side.  



3-26 Update
Early this week the final conveyers were lowered into the pit with a few more I-beams set on top.  Next the walls will have a concrete added to them to lock in the I-beams and then the floor will be next.


3-21 Update
We started Friday with just walls for the pit. Before long pieces started to be lifted into place.

The bottom part of the pit with the conveyer was the first part to be lifted into place.  

The next piece to be put in place was the top of the pit which was delivered this morning upside down on the trailer.  Step one, unload and roll over.  This part of the pit weighs about 17,000 pounds.    

Next up was lifting the pit and setting it down on the walls in just the right spot.  After a few last minute adjustments to the plates on the wall the pit was put into place in about 15 minutes.  The conveyer that was placed in first will be attached to the bottom.  

3-20 Update
This week the walls of the new pit were finished.  On Thursday workers started to cut a hole in the wall of the old pit to get the new conveyers in and give them access to the receiving leg.  Several cuts were made with a heavy duty cable saw seen below.  The concrete blocks will then be lifed out with the crane.

Below is the bottom of the pit, there will be another section that sits on top to recieve the grain.  

3-14  Update
Work on forming the rest of the walls for the pit has been going on the last couple of days.  The goal is to pour the walls this afternoon.  

Working on pouring the floor of the upper area for then new pit earlier this week.  There was about 40 yards of concrete in this pour.

3-10 Update
The first walls of the new pit were formed over the weekend with another 32 yards of concrete poured this afternoon.  

3-7 Update
This week we showed good progress as the bridge that holds the conveyers that will take grain to the new bin was lifted into place.  The bridge is 90 feet long and weighs about 51,000 pounds.  Two large cranes were brought in to lift it into place.  Below are pictures showing the lift.  
One final view on the ground.
Attaching the last cables on the south end of the bridge.

Lift off!!

Going Up
Just about there!

Final moves to put in place.
Finally down.  The whole move took about 25 min to get the bridge in place.  

The hole for the new pit was also dug with the floor formed and poured in the lowest part.  Over the next few days they will continue to put forms in for walls and hope to have all walls poured by the end of next week.  About 16 yards of concrete will be used in the first floor pour.    

2-21 Update 
Weather the last two weeks has kept much activity from happening outside so there will not be many pictures this week.   
The concrete crew has been continuing to form the base of the bin putting forms and rebar in place.   

The dust collector has also been moved to the other side of the original pit to facilitate the digging and building of the new pit.   

Next week we expect to start digging on the new pit as well. 

2-7-14 Update    
This week work has continued on top of the current bin to get the new conveyer pieces in that will move grain from the distributor to the new bin.  On the ground the bridge has been built and is about ready to be lifted into the air connecting the current bins to the new bin.  The conveyer pieces will be installed in the bridge and will all be lifted at the same time.    

We also were able to pour the concrete for the bin footings as well on Friday.

It also looks like we will start digging for the new pit next week sometime as the concrete company has the ground covered and is working on thawing it out.  

Work underground has also been happening as well on the conveyers that will connect the new pit to the new receiving leg. 

1-31-14 Update
This week the main project was the pouring of the concrete for the tower pad.  On Thursday they poured 88 yards of concrete into a 20x20x6 foot pad.   It took 8 trucks to deliver all of that concrete. 

Crews also started to construct the tower that will sit on top of the new concrete. 
Next week we hope to start pouring on the bin footings.  

Work also continued on top of the main tower making all of the connections from the new leg into the rest of the system.  

1-24-14 Update
It has been slow moving with the cold weather this week but progress is being made.  The PMI crew finished feeding the belt into the receiving leg and is now working on the conveyer that will go from the receiving leg to the new bin.  There has been some realigning of parts up in the bridge on top on the current bin as well as some building of pieces on the ground and in the shop with the extreme cold weather this week.

The concrete crew has continued to work on forming up the bin and putting in the rebar.  They have also formed up the pad for the bridge pad and are currently waiting for a warm up to pour the concrete.

1-15-14 Update
As of this week many things are happening.  We have two crews on site working away.  The cement crew started last week with heat blankets to thaw out the ground where they would be digging for the bin footings.  

This week the cement crew started to dig the footings, add rock and start placing forms and rebar in place for the new 130,000 bushel bin.  To date there has been 36,000 pounds of rebar delivered for use in the bin foundation. 

Also this week the bin crew finished putting the new 160 foot recieving leg in place.  The bottom half was put in place from the ground and pulled up piece by piece with a winch on the ground.  The top half was raised with the crane and lowered into place on Monday.  They also began to feed the belt and buckets into the leg.  There will be approximately 320 feet of belt when installed.  This leg will have an unloading capacity of 20,000 bushels per hour. 


12-27-13 Update
Preliminary work has started on the expansion here at River Gulf.  Contractors are working on the adjusting the dust collector and marking out where the new leg will be placed in the tower.  


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