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Facility Tour  09/12/14 3:01:48 PM

 Tour Our Facility
In the spring of 2010 River/Gulf grain broke ground on the new elevator in Bettendorf, IA.  Completed in the fall of 2010 it offers one of the newest and most efficient unloading systems in the area.  The facility was designed and built for future expansion.  
In 2014 a second recieving pit and leg was added along with another 150,000 bushel bin.  More permanent storage can be easily added as demand increases.
The facility starts with two JaHam (Gamet) Jiant probes that send the grain sample into the office for testing.   With the growing Non-GMO program one probe will be used specifically for Non-GMO grain. 
Trucks then move to a 70 foot Rice Lake scale just in front of the office.  The inbound scale can also be utilized for loading outbound trucks if needed as well. 

Trucks then move to an enclosed building for unloading.  There are two 1500 bushel mechanical receiving pits that each feed into a 20,000 bushel per hour Schlagel receiving leg.  Trucks can dump both hoppers at one time for a fast and efficient unloading process without moving.  
Upon emptying, the trucks proceed to another 70 foot Rice Lake scale.  Once the trucks are weighed on the outbound scale, the trucks pull off the scale and stop at the outdoor printer where final weigh tickets can be obtained without leaving the truck.

After unloading, two 20,000 bph Schlagel drag conveyors move the grain to a 20,000 bph receiving leg, then to a 8 hole, electric, double distributor. The Dump Pit Operator has the option of sending grain to the three main storage bins, via gravity to the wet bin, Scott bins, or straight out to the barge dock. 
A Scott square bin complex that includes 3 -5000 bushel and 2-2500 bushel bins for a total of 5 separations.  These bins can be used for many different options. These tanks give the elevator operator the ability to separate incoming grain based on quality.  Rail and outgoing truck grain also loads from this complex.  
The main storage capacity is in the form of two large Sukup bins that hold 132,000 bushels each and one with 150,000 capacity.  These flat bottom bins are designed for frequent turn around with a 16 inch Sukup sweep auger for clean out.  The grain from these bins is unloaded on to 30,000 bph Schlagel conveyors that go to the shipping leg for movement to the barge.
The facility has a natural gas-fired 7,000 bph Brock tower dryer.  While the dryer is rated at 7,000 bushels per hour, it has been capable of running 9000 bph when removing 2-2 ½ points of moisture.

To get the grain to the barge for loading three 30,000 bph conveyors cover the 600 feet needed to reach the river. 
For barge loading, the loading dock has been designed to allow two product barges to load without tug assistance.  Our unique floating dock consists of two ex-grain barges and one deck barge.  These dock barges are secured by capture frames and rise and fall with the river level on eight vertical anchor piles.  The piles are secured to the river rock floor by means of drilled holes and cement. 

The Barge Loading Operator has joy stick controls of a two winch system the moves the barges in place for loading.  The operator also has a touch screen control center identical to the land-based controls.  This control center allows the entire facility to be operated by either the Barge Loading Operator or Dump Pit Operator.  

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